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Travel Info About Jalandhar (Punjab - India)  City Telephone Code 181

I have noticed that people from U.S.A, Canada & Europe are looking for information about Jalandhar. I have put some pieces of general information about jalandhar here to help the visitors visiting Jalandhar. I launched this website back in the year 2000 when there was not much information available on the net about Jalandhar. According to the visitors request, I have revamped the site to make it more user-friendly.

The cities of Punjab are famous for different things. Jalandhar Sign Jalandhar also known as Jullundur is famous for Agricultural Products, Sports Goods, Leather Goods, Hand Tools, Surgical Tools, Rubber Goods Industry, Oldest Military Cantonment, PAP and BSF Head Quarters, as an ocean of newspaper publications and of course beautiful Dulhan's too. Beauty of Jalandhar This city has twelve kots and twelve gates. Jalandhar is the biggest printing centre of Northern India and most of the newspapers, magazines in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu are published here. The well known newspapers are Hind Samachar, Punjab Kesri, Jag Bani, Partap & Veer Partap, Ajit, Akali Patrika, Nawan Zamana and Milap. Jalandhar is an ancient city; in the 7th century CE, it was the capital of a Rajput kingdom. It was the capital of Trigarttas (people living in the "land between three rivers": Ravi, Beas and Sutlej) in the times of Mahabharata war. Jalandhar was the capital of Punjab from India's independence in 1947 until Chandigarh was built in 1953. Jalandhar is the largest NRI belt/hub in Punjab from where residents have settled in U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Germany, Australia & other European Countries. From Punjab, the inhabitants of Jalandhar Doab were the first to migrate to Canada, UK and the USA. Many of the residents settled aborad from Jalandhar are Doctors, Engineers and other professionals (Punjabian Di Shaan Vakhari). Jalandhar is seeing an increasing growth of technology with headquarters and operational centres from the companies likes Dell and Microsoft being set up. Jalandhar has produced eminent persons of national and international stature — politicians and statesmen like I.K. Gujral, Zia-ul-Haq and S. Swaran Singh; literary figures like Hafiz, Sudarshan Faqir, Upendranath Ashq and Gurdial Singh Phull; singer-actor like K.L. Saigal and wrestler-turned-actor Dara Singh, cricketers like Harbhajan Singh, bunch of Hockey Olympians, freedom fighters like Master Mota Singh, Babu Labh Singh, Shanno Devi, Virendra, Jagat Narain and many more; social crusaders like Lala Dev Raj, Lala Munshi Ram and Pushpa Gujral.

Jalandhar is situated at a distance of approximately 375Kms from International Airport Delhi. From the Airport one can catch a Train or Bus or hire a Taxi to reach Jalandhar. Few years back a Luxury Bus Service by (Indo Canadian Transport Co.) also known as Raju Travels has been started from Jalandhar to the Airport, which has proved to be a good service. I think the bus looks like this. Airport Bus The Bus fare is around Rs.1000. The buses start from Hotel INTERNATIONAL around 10:00AM onwards, which is situated close to the Jalandhar Bus Stand on the G.T.Road by the Railway crossing. I have also heard about a new Mercedes Benz bus service from Delhi airport to Jalandhar. One of my friends recently traveled by this bus & gave a good feed back. Depending upon the number of passengers travelling, sometimes the bus operator uses mini bus instead of the regular sized bus. The airport buses can be easily distinguished as these bear pictures of aeroplanes, the national flag and other common foreign destinations. Though Jalandhar is well connected through rail and several trains, including Shatabdi, leave for Delhi daily, most NRIs prefer taking these buses as they drop them directly outside the airport. Some visitors prefer these buses as they do not have to worry about unloading their big bags at a busy railway station, hiring a taxi and loading them back for going to the airport. Some prefer for the security of their luggage. One has to spend more money for a bus ride from Jalandhar to Delhi airport and is not even offered anything to eat whereas the Shatabdi train provides proper meals for a lesser amount. Journey by bus takes nine to 11 hours whereas the train route is quicker by almost three hours. There are some taxi services too in the city ferrying passengers to the airports. If you can get a connecting flight to Amritsar Airport-Punjab, the journey becomes much easier as you land in Punjab instead of Delhi and easy to commute to your destination in Punjab.

Main Cities On The Way From Airport To Jalandhar:

Eating Places on the Way (Good Food at Reasonable Price):


Reaching Jalandhar- Besides large number of hotels & restaurants, few places to taste good food are:
Someone e-mailed the contents of a poem about Jalandhar, which I would like to share with you.
Wah Wah Mere Jalandhar Shahar. 
Some Shopping Centers:

Some Residential Areas:

Best Time to Visit Jalandhar: Jalandhar gets very dry and hot during summer time especially from April to July. Moonsoons bring rain around early to mid July and last through August and end in September. July & August sometimes become humid/muggy. Winter becomes quite cold in Dec-January. Though it is hard to predict but if mother nature behaves normal, best time to visit Jalandhar is mid-October thru November or February-March as the climate is quite pleasant.

Help for NRIs: NRI Sabha Punjab (, NRI Legal Services (

The main objectives of the NRI Sabha are:

Other Key Contacts: Police, Passport office & MLAs